XDial Features

Read about some of our core features below, we’re constantly innovating so keep an eye on this page for new features being released.

Cloud Hosted

XDial is fully cloud hosted so you don’t have to worry about looking after servers, leave that to us.


We lock down your system so only you can access it, and your instance is only yours.


Whether you are 5 or 500+ agents, XDial will scale seamlessly with your requirements.

24/7 Call Recording

XDial recording means you never miss a word whilst staying compliant, allowing for better QC and training.

Predictive Auto-Dial

Improve contact rates using predictive dialling to help figure out the best time to call your customers.

Web Based

Access your call center from any device using any browser, including tablets and mobiles.

Blended Campaigns

Take inbound and make outbound calls on the same campaign so your agents are always on the phone.

Real-Time Reporting

Our full featured reports suite gives you full M.I. reporting for all aspects of your call center, in real time.


Choose from a variety of styles to suit your operations, from simple blocks to fully-loaded information displays.

Agentless Calls

Integrate with your CRM system to provide / process information without the need for an agent to answer the call.

SMS Messaging

XDial can send and receive SMS messages completely automatically based on easy to create rules.

Comprehensive API

Connect with various external systems using our comprehensive API for 2-way data transfers.


XDial is GDPR, Ofcom and TPS compliant with various settings allowing you to change the system’s behaviour.

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